Russian Power’s recipe for success is simple: We provide what everyone needs to get rid stress, work- or party the night through, to study for an exam, to stay awake while driving, or simply prepare body & soul against strain.

Wherever you are and no matter what you do, “Russian Power” is the fastest way to regain strength and get back into balance. 

Refreshment and a whole amount of energy comes with each sip of “Russian Power”.



Throughout history the Russian strength has become well-known and feared by its enemies. Yet someone has to unlock the secret of the Russian Spirit. Perhaps you will find the solution in a can of “Russian Power”.

One of the ingredients in our drink is Taurine, which chases away tiredness and rejuvenates the body. The natural won caffeine from green coffee beans raises the efficiency to work. Four vitamins supply new strength during a stressful period.

Various countries appreciate and enjoy the taste of “Russian Power”. This new drink is consumed by Students and Businessmen, Athletes and Professional Drivers, People of every group of age and occupation.